Harry’s Hotter at Twilight – Fall 2012

November 9 through 18
Harry’s Hotter at Twilight,
by Jonathan Dorf, takes two of our favorite movie/book franchises and mashes them into one grand parody! Wizards, and werewolves, and vampires… oh my! And, of course, two grand villains to battle. Cameo appearances by Lord of the Rings, Alice in Wonderland, and Star Wars, help keep our heros (and heroines) on our toes! May be inappropriate for youth under 13.


(from left) Mary Scadden, Kalvin Jones, Christina Livingston, Josh Newman
Photo Credit: Robert Baker

(from left) Brookelynn Greer, Katy Clark, Maya Orenic
Photo Credit: Robert Baker


(from left) Lee Grinnan, Derek Vaughn, Maya Orenic, Anya Newman, Katie Marston
Photo Credit: Robert Baker

The Cast & Crew of Harry’s Hotter at Twilight
Photo Credit: Robert Baker

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