Babes in Toyland – January 2012

Join your favorite nursery rhyme characters from Mother Goose Village as they help their friends Jane and Alan escape from their wicked Uncle Barnaby. Add in two bumbling ruffians, the Master Toymaker and his Marching Toys, and you have a wonderful musical adventure for the whole family.

We commissioned a new adaptation based on the original 1903 production by Victor Herbert and Glen MacDonough, featuring perennial favorites such as “Toyland”, “I Can’t do the Sum”, “Never Mind BoPeep”, and “The March of the Toys.”


Jeffrey Woods as Uncle Barnaby… who loves only money.
Naomi Green as Jane… who is Barnaby’s niece.
Sebastian Broyles as Alan… who is Barnaby’s nephew.
Jacob Foltz as Roderigo… who is sensitive.
Rachel Foltz as Gonzorgo… a thief, who is not.
Mary Scadden as Widow Piper… who has fourteen children.
Kelsey Vaughn as Contrary Mary… who needs no introduction.
Abigail Reedy as Bo-Peep… who has lost her sheep.
Maya Orenic as Sallie Waters… who wants to be married.
Sophia Brice as Red Riding Hood… who love her grandmother.
Justice Kincer as Curly Locks… who wishes to marry a Prince.
Hailey Thomas as Miss Muffet… who is afraid of spiders.
Bianka Warrick as Jill… who does chore with Jack
Fiona Malone as Tom Tom… the Pipers son… and steals pigs.
Hannah Barb as Simple Simon… who becomes a pieman.
Henry Spain as Bobby Shaftoe… who wants to go to sea.
Kaitlyn DeStefani as Peter… who likes pickled peppers.
Anya Newman as Boy Blue… who blows his horn.
Meredith O’Connor as Tommy Tucker… who sings for his supper… and everything else.
Lia Khanin Feit as Jack… who does chores with Jill.
Emily Scadden as The Drum Majorette, Townsperson
Katherine Schaberl as A Trumpeting Toy, Townsperson
Katy Clark as A Tumbling Toy, Townsperson
Chloe Nichols as A Tumbling Toy, Townsperson
Siena DeMarco as A Dancing Toy, The Spider in the Forest
Becky Emert as A Drumming Toy
Erin Newman as A Marching Soldier
Leahnesse Warrick as A Marching Soldier
CJ Zitzer as A Musical Toy
Kadence Pierce as A Dancing Toy
Lee Grinan as The Master Toymaker

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