Back Stage Crew

Not interested in being on stage? We always need people to work behind-the-scenes. We want to help mentor the next generation of technical artists.

We are currently looking for rehearsal and running crew for Midsummer Night’s Dream and future productions. If you or a young person you know are interested in working behind the scenes, please send us an e-mail or call 540-743-1099 and our producer will get in touch with you.

We’ve listed descriptions and any age requirements as well job titles. For a printable version of this information, please click here.

Assistant Stage Manager (ASM) (8th grade or older)

Being ASM involves assisting director (Kira) and Producing SM (Barb) with auditions and rehearsals. This means helping take notes during rehearsal, checking sign in sheets, calling the countdown (“10 minutes til curtain!”), coordinating with tech personnel, keeping track of the rehearsal schedule, helping to set up for rehearsals, and other tasks as needed.

The time commitment is often more intense than the cast and requires someone who is organized and has the initiative to get things done. You’ll be needed at every rehearsal, often for 20 minutes both before and after things are done.

Wardrobe Assistant (aka costumes) (10th grade or older)

This position involves helping our designer with measurements, fittings, keeping track of what we have and what we don’t, etc., and maybe a little designing yourself! The wardrobe assistant needs to be organized and able to work on their own when not at the theater.

The time commitment should be pretty light until tech week when the wardrobe crew works every rehearsal.

Assistant Set Designer (8th grade or older)

Bob is looking for someone to help design and paint the set. He’ll take care of construction in his workshop. We’re looking for someone who can help transport us to the magical worlds of Seuss so a wild imagination is a must!

The time commitment is unknown because we have no idea what set you’ll come up with!

Set Painters (4th grade and older)

Once the set is designed and built it’s going to need painting. And it’s likely going to be a detail oriented job. There’s no age limit but artistic talent is probably going to be helpful.

Time commitment is minimal and will probably be most intense right after Easter.

Props Runner (6th grade and up)

This job involves making sure the prop pieces are set before the show, checking for repairs after the show, and making those repairs. It’s a pretty light job but someone’s gotta do it. Usually, the prop runner helps move set pieces around during the show as well.

The time commitment is pretty light, at least until Easter when we will need you at every rehearsal and performance.

Make-Up Assistants (9th grade and older)

Kizzie is on board to create the Whos of Whoville , the Grinch, and the Cat, but she’s going to need a few pairs of hands to make it all come together.

The time commitment is pretty light up until dress rehearsal. You’ll need to commit to being their pre-show but may not be needed for the entire night.

PR & Marketing (10th grade and older)

We’re looking for people who want to learn how to create a poster, format the program book, and write press releases, create a Facebook event, and make use of our social media stuff (Twitter, MailChimp). This is perfect for someone interested in graphic design, publicity, marketing, etc., who has a keen eye and is a little OCD about the details. We’ll show you what we’re currently doing and why it works. And if you have ideas to add, that’s great!

The time commitment is unknown but the bulk of the work is in the first few weeks of rehearsal, since publicity needs to get out about a month before we open. Much of the work can be done outside of rehearsal.


In late-January and early-February, we’re planning a series of one-day workshops that will help introduce people to various duties around the theater. We’ll have a workshops on how to help with the box office/programs, lighting design, theater maintenance, and how to pick a show/season.

We are always looking for people who want to learn how to run our lighting and sound systems. Mary Lee can show you how to program the lighting system, and running the show is easy once that’s done.

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